Shadows and transparent gifs

Shadows and transparent gifs

Post by Scott Bye » Sat, 21 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Quote:Lanny Chambers writes:

Lanny> b) manually <gak!> create a stippled edge to the shadow using only
Lanny> gray pixels. It won't be pretty or anti-aliased.

c) Take the bluured drop shadow, copy that layer to a new grayscale document
of the same size, convert the mode to bitmap, then back to grayscale, and
then copy that new layer back.

It's a cool effect.  I like the diffusion dither option best myself.


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1. Shadows and transparent gifs


Andy, the problem here is to make clean, CLEAN drop shadow transparent images
without a color background.. Many  Web designers have non-Netscape browsers in
mind. You can have the gif's background the same color as the background gif
but it would look horrible on a non-netscape browser. Imagine a white, yellow
or red halo on a grey background.

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