OT: Artists and authors wanted for CD-Magazine

OT: Artists and authors wanted for CD-Magazine

Post by Charlie Quant » Thu, 22 Feb 2001 10:03:28

Announcing a new monthly CD-Magazine  titled Electric Dreams

The magazine will include:

PSP art, tutorials, tubes, frames, etc
Photoshop art, tutorials, tubes, frames, etc
3D art and tutorials
Monthly columns

I am soliciting contributions from authors and artists  for the
premier issue of the magazine.

Each author will retain full copyright and reprint rights to any items

Each author will be paid for their contribution by receiving a copy of
the CD their material appears in.

Please contact me via e-mail if you're interested or have questions.

Feel free to discuss this on the newsgroup, as I will followup for
replies here as well.


1. Comics author wants comics authoring program


A harried author of comics is desperately seeking software to help him meet
deadlines.  Do you know any such software?  I've been told that Gold Disk
used to make one such program for the Amiga, but I have been unable to find
the program's name.  Furthermore I have been told that Gold Disk doesn't
support the Amiga any more, so... :-(

Basically, the program I am looking for should enable me to format/paginate
a whole page of a black & white comic strip (I have no use for color... 'coz
I don't see most of it and my customer doen't want it anyway) at a time, with
masthead, text balloons, etc...
I am not going to put millions in there, 'coz my customer is a non-profit org
and I am donating my time, so...  The least expensive, the best.
One point: the output should be printable on a HP LaserJet or HP DeskJet
printer if possible.

The capability to load and scale clip-art or line drawings would be greatly

Is there any such program available on one of these platforms: Amiga 500 with
AmigaDos 1.3, Mac Classic with System 6.0.7, 386PC with DOS 5.0 & Windows 3.1 ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I own a Mac to program what my students need. | above_opinions.only_owner =
I own an Amiga to program what I want & need. | Norman W. Molhant = me;

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