Simulate Rain/Condensation Tracks?

Simulate Rain/Condensation Tracks?

Post by David Haberco » Wed, 15 Mar 2006 23:03:16

Is there a way in CS2 to simulate the tracks left behind when
water/rain/condensation dribbles over a surface?  Thanks!



1. Rain rain rain

Hey guys,
Ok, so we all know that using the max "blizard" particle system with the
default preset of "rain" will make a rain effect, however, whenever I work
on something that requires rain, I never ever end up with the sort of effect
I had hoped for (usually looks like a very sorry collection of falling
geometry!!)....Does anybody have any tutorials/tips/techniques on how to get
a really, really professional looking rain...Im really looking for a heavy
downpour, sort of like at the beginning of the "DigiMania" showreel. (very
heavy rain).

If anybody can help, I would be most greatfull.

All the best



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