Batch Rasterization

Batch Rasterization

Post by Geof » Wed, 09 Apr 2003 21:48:37

I have a high volume of of Vector Files that i want to convert to
Tiff's. I thought that the Batch Process function in Photoshop could
help me achive this quicker however it stops before every file to ask
the required size and resolution. Now this is the same for every file
so is there a way to batch process all these files and only set the
perameters once?

If there is not does anyone know of an alternative way to batch
convert vectors to tiff  and maintain things like overprinting Etc.


1. batch render problems, Maya3 deforms in batch

I have a batch problem: when I render batch scene one part of my character
(but not the background props) deform. Its very ugly too! When I render
within maya, but not batch, the images come out perfect no matter in what
frame of the animation. What might be causing this? It sucks, and I'm
getting really frastruated! (mind you, it only does this on some scenes)
I run Maya3 unlimited on w2k.


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