Need Gamma Advice- Is This Gamma Java Applet Accurate?

Need Gamma Advice- Is This Gamma Java Applet Accurate?

Post by Billy Saul Hearo » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 17:17:45

I'm trying to set the gamma on a Viewsonic G90fb to 2.2 using this
gamma java applet:

However, whenever I set my black level to a 2.2, the lower/darker
values are thrown off. For instance, when the blocks match up at 2.2
in the lighter tones, gamma levels in the darker tones are 2.7 or
higher. This is with the black level properly set.

However, I can fix the darker tones by upping the brightness, so that
black level is too high. This evens out gamma along the scale. So, my
questions are:

1) Most important question. Is this applet accurate? Could some of you
with properly set gamma check it and see if you have uniform/correct
results along the entire scale of the slider?

2) Do I have to choose between either a correct black level or a
correct gamma range? If so, which should I choose?

Thanks for any help/advice.


1. Way too accurate CRT gamma calibration targets available


I've uploaded a set of unbearably accurate CRT gamma calibration charts:
Please have a look at them, I hope to hear if there is something to improve

The above is in form of CRT gamma evaluation but you can right-click the
chart (of the system gamma-space that you are calibrating to) and make the
chart as the background image of your desktop, there it will help
AdobeGamma calibration enormously.

These chart are unbearably accurate since, with most consumer grade
monitor, they make the small drift in the operation point of the monitor
detectable. This drift can be rather rapid so that a change is detected
within a hour or two or it can be very slow so that a change is detected
only after some 8 to 24 hours of power on time.

Timo Autiokari

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