Select and Replace Color Command

Select and Replace Color Command

Post by Roux » Wed, 02 Apr 1997 04:00:00


I have some problem in using the "select and replace" command in
Photoshop 4.0.

Fisrt the command is not very convenient, because I want to replace an
rgb color by an other rgb color and in the command the color is
specified in a difference in hsl. Is ther another way to proceed ??
( I want to record the sequence and use the new feature of the version

Second the command is not very accurate: I never get the good
Is it a bug of Phtoshop ???

Thanks in advance



1. ? How replace one color with a pre-selected different color

Pardon me if this may be a simple problem, but in working with PS for
only a month I haven't found an answer.
I need to be able to replace some selected colors with other
pre-determined Pantone colors. At first I thought it would be simple
with the Image:Adjust: replace color command. But I find that I can only
make relative changes to a color, not actually set it to a new
pre-determined color. Is there another, relatively easy, way to make
this change?

I have a set of 18-20 map index graphics (essentially a catalog) which
were initially created in MapInfo.They have seven colors (mostly in a
random checkerboard like pattern), which were output from whatever color
schema is used in Windows. Before they are published I have to adjust
each color to a pre-defined Pantone color, and of course the colors have
to remain consistent across all pages.

Thanks for any useful advice.

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