F1 F1 Sorry help help.............. plz

F1 F1 Sorry help help.............. plz

Post by vija » Fri, 26 Sep 2003 23:23:18

hai everybody
i am vijay ,owning a photostudio in Tamilnadu,India
i am having a problem with photoshop7
i was using Windows 98SE on one of my Networked P.C & other one is
with win 2000
i upgraded win 98 to win 2000.For a week period it[photoshop 7] worked
fine, but now whenever i start the program it loads & initializes  &
before the appearing of window it gets closed.
If Anybody Give me the solution it'll be helpful 4 me


1. Can't get Help (F1) to work.

On my WinME system, when I request help on PS6 from the menu bar or
F1, my browser (Opera) starts up and I get 2 error messages:
"http:///e  could not locate remote server" and
"http:///nowin          ditto"

Why does the browser even start up?  I shouldn't have to be connected
to the internet to just access the internal help files.  This didn't
happen on version 4.0.

I checked and the help files sub folder is there in the Photoshop
directory.  It has 879 html files with a total of 4.88 Mb. That should
be enough help even for a dummy like me :-)

The program otherwise works okay from the few hours I've played with
it (wow, the ability to undo!).  The only thing I did non-standard
when installing was to place PS in C:\Program Files\ Photoshop  rather
than the default C:\Program Files\ Adobe\ Photoshop, but surely that
couldn't  screw up the help system...

Probably some obvious thing but I can't see it.  Suggestions anyone???

Thanks, Ember

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