pasting text into an image

pasting text into an image

Post by coltran » Sat, 09 Apr 2011 05:01:37

I would like to paste text from a Word document and insert it into an
image. I choose grayscale. The text is white and I am pasting it onto a
gray background. The problem is that the text comes out blurred or
fuzzy. Is there any way to paste text into a photoshop document?

thanks for the help



1. Paste Transparent image on top of base image to create Windows Icon

Paste Transparent image on top of base image to create Windows Icon

Working with Adobe Photoshop 5 and a Ziff Davis Shareware Utility,
IconEdit, I want the ability to paste a transparent image ( in the
shape of a slice of pie or wedge) on top of another image that will
end up being an icon file.

My purpose is to take customized icons that I have implemented for
FOLDERS in Windows Explorer and create a COPY of the icon, but with an
open mouth effect (the wedge) on the right side indicating that the
folder is now open as opposed to closed.

I can easily do this one icon at a time with IconEdit, by using the
eye dropper tool and turning individual pixels into the color
transparent, but it is too much work. I want to paste in the wedge on
top of the CLOSED icon image without hiding anything but the pixels
under the wedge.

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