Windows 95 and PS 3.05

Windows 95 and PS 3.05

Post by John Kleineber » Fri, 29 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I just found this group a few days ago.  I hope this hasn't been answered
a thousand times already....

I'm contemplating installing Windows 95.  I have a Pentium 75, 16 meg
memory, Diamond Stealth w/2 megs VRAM (PCI), and have the upgrade from
Adobe to ver. 3.05 (amazing, if you buy the software and register, they
send it to you...don't have to ask for serial numbers in news groups!).
What problems can I expect from Photosytler with the above configration?
Any tricks or work-arounds I need to know about?  

Help is appreciated!



1. KPT 3.0 and PS 3.05 on NT/95


I am having the same problem with KPT 3.0 as i had with KPT 2.0 under
95/NT. After i have installed KPT, nothings happens..
But when i do it under wfw311, no problem..

Any fix ?? I can live with wfw311, but now that i have installed NT and
tried to run PS, i will not go back... (It 25% faster..)


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