Deep Paint / Satori paint???

Deep Paint / Satori paint???

Post by Damia » Thu, 24 Jun 1999 04:00:00

You do not mention what problems you have in using Satori to create art.
How long have you been using Satori? It has taken me some time to get to
grips with the UI and working principles (source fle is stored seperately
from the canvas file) but since then I have had few operational problems.
Perhaps you should contact the Satori support to discuss these issues. I am
not a traditional artist mysefl but I know from comments on the web site
that there are stylists, designers, matte painters and others that are using
the software in this way.
Subject: Re: Deep Paint / Satori paint??
Date: 1999/05/25

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Your advertising is geting rather old now. I also use satori and am having
problems creating work from scratch. This is an excellect tool, but is
geared primarily toward compositing images..not toward Painting art(?)   Mel

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