newbie question

newbie question

Post by nickra.. » Sat, 09 Apr 2011 21:39:43

Ok, I downloaded from google images a jpg of a person. Now I want to
use it as wallpaer on my Mac. The canvas fills the screen nicely, but
the person's image is blurry with enlarged squares -- just enough to
make it look out of focus. The jpg. when viewed simply on my computer
is as sharp as a movie still. How can I get that sharpness when I
enlarge the jpg via the wallpaper? Thanks in advance.

1. Newbie with newbie questions

Hello one hello all;

Alright folks, forgive me, but I am a complete newbie to the renderman shading
language, and have a slew of questions.  I have been using rhino3d modeler for
quite sometime now, and have had some great success, except in the rendering
department.  I'm not entirely satisfied with rhino's renderer.  But I was
stumbled upon BMRT and I got excited because of the quality of renders in the
gallery on the BMRT homepage.  My questions are the following:

Must I have any compiler other than slc to use BMRT?  

Where should I start in order to become proficient in the shading language, in
a C programming book, or in The Renderman Companion by Steve Upstill?

Basically, where can I get more info that will kickstart me into action?  Is
there any documentation that explains every function and variable etc?

Thank you for any help you can offer
Joe Shmoe

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