Monolith Offers 3D Rendering, Scanning, and Motion Capture at Lowest Prices Anywhere!

Monolith Offers 3D Rendering, Scanning, and Motion Capture at Lowest Prices Anywhere!

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In an effort to bring state-of-the-art technology to everyone in the
development and 3D graphics community, Monolith Studios is offering
incredibly low prices for 3D rendering, motion capture and 3D

Do you like to experiment with 3D software and graphics, just for fun?
Do you have a project you'd like to render without having to tie up
your computer for hours (or days)? Have you always wanted to try
motion capture in your work but couldn't afford it? Are you a student
who is putting together 3D animations for your demo reel? If so, our
"3D Enthusiast" pricing is designed for you.

This pricing is aimed at 3D artists, students and hobbyists who are
looking for professional results at unbelievably low prices. We are
offering these services during our "idle time," i.e., during the time
our equipment is not being used for scheduled projects. Due to this
limitation we cannot guarantee exact delivery dates, but we will do
our best to complete your projects within a reasonable timeframe.

3D Rendering: 10 to $1.25/frame (price depends on software used and
rendering resolution)

Motion Capture: $15/basic move (basic moves include walk, run, kick,
punch, stab, fall, jump, roll, shooting move, etc.)

This pricing is aimed at all companies - small and large - who are
looking for top quality equipment and talent to complete their 3D
rendering, scanning and motion capture needs on time and with
remarkable results. We guarantee delivery dates for these professional

3D Rendering:  $15/hour per computer (based on 8 hour day)
Monolith's renderfarm, the Intergraph ? StudioZ(tm) RenderRax(tm), is
one of the fastest computer arrays on the West Coast. It features 60
200 MHz Pentium? Pro processors, each with a 512KB secondary cache for
optimized performance.

3D Scanning: $60/hour
Monolith Studios offers full service 3D scanning of your models and
objects. Our state-of-the-art *ware (tm) 3D laser digitizer is
especially well suited to the types of subjects digitized in model
shop and animation work.

Motion Capture:
Studio Time: $1,000/day (based on 8 hour day)
Tracking: $60/hr.
Monolith uses the latest digital tool for "performance capture" to
dramatically speed animation productions and improve the realism of
the visuals. Called the ExpertVision(tm) HiRES optical motion capture
system, this tool uses video and computers to automate 3D character

To order, or for more information, visit our Web site at or contact: Karen Burger at (425)


Monolith Studios



3D Studio VIZ comes from Kinetix, the multimedia division of AutodeskR.
  Building on the core technology behind the Kinetix blockbuster
  entertainment product 3D Studio MAXR R2.5, but streamlined and enhanced
for the professional designer, 3D Studio VIZ provides real-time 3D modeling,
rendering, and animation on a desktop platform for maximum productivity at
an affordable price. 3D Studio VIZ enables you to follow ideas from the
conceptual phase through design development. At every step in the process
you work with a fluid, graphical interface that artistic people find
  Like some other design visualization solutions, you can import and export
.DWG, .DXF, .DGN, or .STL files to and from 3D Studio VIZ. But 3D Studio VIZ
also has the unique ability to link to native AutoCADR .DWG files, so
changes you make in the AutoCAD design database flow into the VIZ scene
automatically. Link your 3D Studio VIZ session and multiple AutoCAD  .DWG
files, then view and build on the 2D and 3D geometry from the linked  files,
and export new geometry developed in VIZ into new .DWG files. With  the DWG
Linking feature, you need only draw an object once.
  In 3D Studio VIZ, you control object parameters and modifications to
  display consistent, uniform behavior of 2D shapes, 3D forms, lights,
  cameras, and other scene elements. Enhanced Booleans and 3D object snaps
offer precise 3D modeling, and are unrivaled for speed and ease of use.
 3D Studio VIZ also simplifies the modeling of terrain, trees and foliage,
  placement of wall objects, and spacing of windows and doors. A wide
  variety of plug-in applications integrate with the product to add the
  latest functionality.
  3D Studio VIZ R2 offers a host of other features for the AEC market. Let
the directory to the left be your guide and explore the rich features and
benefits of 3D Studio VIZ R2.

If you are interested in, please reply at once to 2 email addresses:

We also can make custom cd's, by your request.
We have a very big collection of newest Engineering, Animation, Multimedia,
Audio, Graphic, CAD/CAM & many other softwarez.
If you wish we will give you our website.
If you should lost me please send faxmessage to:
Fax:  +442076917580
Fax: +493069088166 Germany
Fax: +18883572558 (USA)
Fax: -61294750241 (Sydney)
Norman Tel: +370 8977935
ICQ 39107697

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