bM@ Psychedelic 2c-t-2. 2c-i. 2c-e and shrooms here. Br>

bM@ Psychedelic 2c-t-2. 2c-i. 2c-e and shrooms here. Br>

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What is known is that all the 2c-x substances above
produces effects as intense and visual if not stronger
than that of LSD and has popularly been sold as
"legal LSD", and even been sold as LSD by various vendors,
as the difference is hard to distinguish, though the 2c's
have a more "clear headed" effect and is easier on the
mind, and one is completely aware of what one is doing
at all times.

Some compare the effects as a combination between mdma,
lsd and mescaline, even mushrooms - there is a slight
difference in the effects of the different 2c- substances,
and it is recommanded to read about them before ordering
for your own laboratory research on these substances.
Others say there is a sensation and effect similar to
those of magic mushrooms and LSD.

JWH-018 gives effects similar to THC (* / Marihuana)
when consumed by humans.

First time orders are also presented with a free sample of
their choice of any of the substances they are not ordering.
The free sample will be around 200mg.

Prices for Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe var.):
You decide type:
Psilocybe Mexicana,  Psilocybe Tampanesis,
Psilocybe Atlantis or Psilocybe Pajaritos
10g: USD 15
20g: USD 30
30g: USD 40
40g: USD 50
50g: USD 55
100g: USD 100
250g: USD 200
500g: USD 300
750g: USD 400
1kg: USD 500

Anything above 1 kg, please contact us for super discount
prices - unlimited supply available.

Mushrooms are sent discreetly, securely, with express
taking 2-4 days in Europe and 4-7 days in rest of the
world. Please select the type you want, or a mix
(minimum 10g portions) of several when ordering.

This information is purely intended for factual information
regarding the properties for these substances and not to
encourage anyone to consume them.  Again, consult
for more information on the substances as well as experiences
reports and other information.

Alternatively, look up these substances in for some general information.

Accepted payments are direct payment by credit card and
western union - contact us for details on how to place an order.



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