"More grey than the blue colour of the sky"

"More grey than the blue colour of the sky"

Post by Lumières d'Opal » Wed, 04 May 2011 03:58:57

The "Lumires dOpale" Gallery presents pictures of the C?te d'Opale,
where the light is always changing. Some photos strongly raster have
the objective to try to cross the looks of a pointillist painting and
digital photography.
Come and discover a new selection of 10 photos of winter 2010/2011
2010 "More gray than blue of the sky": numbering Lumo 1183 to 1192.
The Gallery, which is periodically enriched, today has about 280
photos, easily accessible.   Download and non-profit use are allowed,
subject to mention the source. The site is not for no profit. I am an
amateur photographer. I use a device "panasonic tz6", optical Leica.
For optimal vision full screen: click on view/full screen, click
"Slide show" top left.
ATTENTION: to achieve this gallery, click the correct address:

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