Color calibration spyders on business laptops?

Color calibration spyders on business laptops?

Post by Al Dyk » Fri, 19 Mar 2010 20:46:00

What's the consensus on how useful a spyder and gamma setting is on
the economy laptops.  

The ones I'm looking at happen to have LCD a backlight, maybe they all
do, now.


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Color calibration spyders on business laptops?

Post by Mike Russel » Sat, 20 Mar 2010 10:41:15

Quote:> What's the consensus on how useful a spyder and gamma setting is on
> the economy laptops.  

> The ones I'm looking at happen to have LCD a backlight, maybe they all
> do, now.

> Thanks.

I think most people don't need to calibrate using a gadget.  Factory
calibration is pretty good, and you can easily adjust the overall
brightness and color to suit your needs.  

For example, if your images look about the way they did on the camera
screen, and they print closely enough that you can make a useful prediction
on overall color and brightness, the money is better invested in other
equipment or software.

That said, monitor colorimeters, such as the Spyder and i1 do work,
particularly if you spend about $150 or so.  It's not so much a matter of
the color being more accurate, but it might save a few "discussions" if you
are in a profession where you need to share your images with other people.  
Mike Russell -


1. Q: Color calibration for Epson Stylus Color?

I have been trying to find optimal PhotoShop and Epson Stylus Color driver
version 2.0e settings for printing photographs at 360 dpi and 720 dpi. If
you have done some testing on your own and have come up with some settings
that work well, please post them for other Epson Stylus Color users.
Please indicate the photo-editing application and all its relevant
settings, which version of Stylus printer driver and all its settings, and
what type of paper was printed on.

The following is a description of my observations using the new Stylus
driver version 2.0e with PhotoShop 3.01:

The "KS Labs Epson Ink 2.52" PhotoShop ink settings for the Epson Stylus
Color look over-saturated and extremely red when used with the new 2.0e
version of the Epson Stylus Color printer driver (and I followed the
instructions that came with the KS Labs Ink settings exactly). I assume
this is because the new Stylus driver for the Mac has different internal
color calibration settings than previous versions of the driver.

After resetting the PS Ink settings all to a value of "1" and Dot Gain to
"18%", I ran test prints of the "Ol No Mor" photo included with
PhotoShop in the "Goodies" folder. Although the color matching is not bad,
I've noticed the dark details in the background behind Carmen in the photo
are lost and look black when there is clearly more detail evident in those
areas of the photo when viewed on my Apple 15" Multiscan.

The tests were printed on a generic white bond ink-jet paper from Office
Depot with the driver resolution set to Best-360 dpi, plain paper,
MicroWeave ON, Finest Detail ON, High Speed OFF, Screen Pattern OFF, the
Color/Halftone setting at Color(CMYK)/Automatic, and the
lightness/darkness adjustment at it's default (center).

The loss of detail in dark areas may be due to using regular inkjet paper
and/or printing at the lower 360 dpi resolution rather than the 720 dpi
mode, but I have not had time to test this (i t   p r i n t s   v e r y  
s l o w l y...)

If anyone has any comments or good PS and Stylus Color driver settings,
please share them with the rest of us.


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