Color shift from monitor color to print color

Color shift from monitor color to print color

Post by Audra De » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm new to the whole printing thing...I just got an HP Deskjet 930 and
I'm trying to print some images I created in Photoshop 5.5. I'm
getting major color shifts (tan is coming out blue) and I have no clue
how to fix this. Images are in RGB color.

Also, does anyone know of any good tutorials on the web to help me get
started with printing?

Thanks in advance.



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I'm just getting serious about scanning negatives for display and printing.
I've used PSP for a couple years for other purposes.  Win2000sp1, HP970Cxi,

Two colors giving me problems are blue and yellow.  For blue, the monitor
shows quite a correct shade of blue compared to the actual object - a darker
grayish blue (tough in words, hey?).  But printing shifts that blue to one
with more cyan (pretty sure) in it.

I've tried turning Color Mgt on and off using sRGB on monitor and printer -
no difference.  I peeked at CMYK Conversions, but backed off with poor
understanding and fear of screwing something up.

Anybody have some advice on this?  Or point me to some resource that is
practical instead of theoretical?


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