Problem printing scanned image in 4.01

Problem printing scanned image in 4.01

Post by Paul Praege » Sat, 29 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I have Photoshop 4.01 (Win 95a + IE4.01 +SR1) and I scan images into it
using Microtek Scanmaker 330. All seems to be well except when I try to
print from a scan. It goes through all the usual screens and the printer
icon even appears in the tray for a moment, but this results in no action
from the printer. There is nothing in the printer queue and files imported
into Photoshop print just fine. I thought I used to be able to print from
scan or am I imagining it? (HP Deskjet 500)

Thanks Paul


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Hi my name is Mike.  I'm sort of a beginner user of Photoshop 4.01.

I have an issue with my filters that is quite baffling.  I pull down my
filters menu and under the [OTHER] selection menu I notice that I have
many more filters than will fit on my screen.  How do i get these in
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down below what I can see.

Please e-mail me and send a reply answer:



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