Mr. Captor - new advanced capture software

Mr. Captor - new advanced capture software

Post by Alexander Leyt » Mon, 30 Sep 2002 19:38:08

New capture software - Mr. Captor has been released.

Mr. Captor captures whatever you see on the screen!


  - Can capture non-rectangular regions.
  - Can enlarge the region when a user selects it.
  - Captures menus, cursors, colors, and a group of windows.
  - Can view an image as HTML background.
  - Supports drag-and-drop operation to simplify an exchange of
  - Can capture a simple animation (no additional hardware and/or
drives needed). You can use     this feature for creating your own  

and more...

Mr. Captor can be extremely useful in working with Photoshop!


Alexander Leytes.