Technique NEEDED

Technique NEEDED

Post by Larry Jaqu » Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00


>I am in the process of creating a new homepage on our present website and
>have found exactly what I need..... in a way of speaking.  I found a site
>that has the looks I want but I am not sure how to create one item in it.  I
>have attached the image I am refering to.  I want to do the same as they

Please do the world a favor and DO NOT POST BINARY FILES ON USENET in
conversational groups. The best method of having us look at a specific
picture is to post the URL and let those of us interested go look. As
it was, you posted the graphic to every server in the world. THINK!

Quote:>have with the photo in making it look as it were painted into the image.
>Will someone be as kind as to tell me how this is accomplished?

You can use Painter or Expression to make the brushstrokes graphics
like that, then use them as a mask. Alternatively, snip the strokes
out of an oil painting graphic.

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