Can't print in center of page

Can't print in center of page

Post by Myron Howar » Sun, 05 Dec 1999 04:00:00

On the Epson Stylus Photo 700, Properties>Paper and there is a
selection box, Printable Area, toward the bottom with a check box for
Centered.That ais the way I remember for my 600 so maybe the 900 is
the same.

1. Trouble printing pix in center of page

I'm having trouble consistently getting my epson 750 photos to print in the
center of the
Photoshop 5 is supposed to do this, but doesn't, even though right clicking
on the bottom of the screen shows a centered image.
I tried to correct by using the "center" option in the 750 printer
properties array.  this led to adequate centering for a photo that Photoshop
failed to center.  However, the next photo, printed using the same settings,
was off along the length of the paper.
Any advice appreciated.  tia

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