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>I set my own h<COCK SLAP>

I set your hours *, you poast when I MAKE YOU.

Quote:>> LOL...teh poor fool is probably sitting at his computer night and day
>> frantically checking for new headers every 2 minutes.  Come on Mikey,
>> show us all what a devoted little Hatter * you are.    `, )
>I like goofy people like you.

Dribbles, have you LOOKED in a mirror lately?  Have you LOOKED at your
website lately?  Have you LOOKED at the SHIT you try and pass off as
"art"...nice projection Mikey...really.

Oh and speaking of yer lil site: http://www.veryComputer.com/

Yeah, you'll be lucky if I even allow you to keep that for much
longer.  I think I'm going to make you my new lil hobby...after all, I
destroyed my last toy, lil Poofter...so I need a new play
thing...might as well be you.  Poofter was the biggest loser out of
alt.html and you're the biggest loser out of teh graphic
froups...sorta goin with a theme here.

Quote:>There is no reason not to reply to you.

Let's keep you thinking that way, shall we?

Quote:>Got anything else you want to cry and moan about?  Or are you done?

He, he, he...hey everybody...you hear that?  Mikey thinks this is
going to end...LOL...yeah, maybe when yer net.dead Mikey.  I'll *
you up, left and right, if that doesn't work, I have other ways.  `, )


Onideus Mad Hatter
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1. Can't see Wacom cursor in Red Hat 6.1 with Gnome desktop

Below is how I have the driver configured in XF86Config, but my Wacom
pen's cursor does not appeasr on the screen. The MS Mouse appears OK
however. I've also tried it with "/dev/ttyS1" as the port.

# Load the dynamic driver

Section "Module"
    Load "xf86Wacom.so"

#Configure the XInput devices

Section "XInput"

    SubSection "WacomStylus"
      Port  "/dev/ttyS2"
      DeviceName "Pen1"
#    DebugLevel 6
      Mode  Absolute
      HistorySize 200

    SubSection "WacomEraser"
      Port  "/dev/ttyS2"
      DeviceName "Eraser1"
      Mode  Absolute

    SubSection "WacomCursor"
      Port  "/dev/ttyS2"
      Mode   Absolute


(Thanks, in advance,


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