Automation of file save...

Automation of file save...

Post by Fran » Sun, 13 Mar 2011 00:00:05

Hi freinds

For my webshop (cosmetics) I need to prepare hundreds of .png's with
the different coulours. I have created a basic "empty" box (f.e. a
lipstick, a foundation box) and many layers with the different
colours, which are filling the empty boxes. So I can switch the layers
on and off and get the different variations.

But I have to save for every colour a .png file and this is more than
annoying. So I switch the layer, get Save as from the menu and
put .png as file type and f.e. "lipstick_*.png" as file name. Very
boring, if have this to do for hundreds of products.

Any idea how to make this easier, faster, less boring.

Photoshop CS5





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