Post by Jonath » Sun, 09 Nov 2003 17:17:03

Hello, all you knowledgeable PS folks out there!  I've been doing some
job searches on Monster and have noticed that most jobs looking for PS
experience also want Dreamweaver and/or Flash and/or Qwark.  Having
found this, I went to eBay.  Typing in any combination of Dreamweaver,
CD, software, Flash yields results almost exclusively in the books or
tutorial software.  The versions (maybe 3 on each software type) I
*have* found tend to be either the brand-new ones which require Pentium
III or newer [I'm still living in the Stone Age with a Pentium II] or
the older versions which don't support XP [which, surprisingly, I *do*
have].   Am I using the wrong keywords?  Are these software packages
really that rare?  Perhaps they're generally advertised under a name I'm
not familiar with?  Any ideas?  
     BTW, thanks to those who helped me out with the extraction problem
and transparent background from my last post!

                       -Jon of Florida


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