Plugins with Wing 95 and PS3.0

Plugins with Wing 95 and PS3.0

Post by Jason Thomas Hitesm » Fri, 01 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Ok I know that there's a fix out for the 3.0.4 version of PS to make 16bit
filters work under Windows 95, but I'm still waiting for 3.0.4!  I don't
get ANY plugins now!  This means I can't even save as GIF (Which I need to
do for web work).  

Is this a common problem?  I've reinstalled Win95 twice and PS twice but
still no plugins.  I realy hope Adobe gets me my update CD soon because
the software is basically useless to me without my plug-ins.  Even worse
the plugins that came with PS don't even work and neither does TWAIN.  So
I can't scan without leaving PS to use my scanner app.  (Not the end of
the world but annoying still).  And just to top it off the file filter
plugins cause Photoshop to crash when I try and save an image.  That was
loads of fun to learn, right after I made a really neat looking bit of
text I wanted for my web-site I hit save a little box telling
me photoshop had done something illegal and would be killed for it!

Please adobe, I love your software but I NEED the upgrade fast.

Jason "Checking my snail mail box " Hitesman


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