question, question, question

question, question, question

Post by dank » Fri, 23 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Please help me!! I was wondering where to get a demo version of
something like photoshop, (Ineed the web site where to locate this).
Also I was wondering...I have some scans of pictures they came out as
5-10k tiffs of course they are the size of a dime and when you enlarge
them in vueprint the pixles get huge, can one of these photoshop type
programs fix this......

thank you very much!!!



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O.K. Since the 4014 is most likely a flop, I have one more question.
Does anyone know if they make graphic cards for vt100 terminals.
If so, how much do they go for, and where could I find one.
Vt100's are in vast supply around here, and although it is no VT240,
it will have to do.

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