Question about best pointers (mouse)

Question about best pointers (mouse)

Post by Greg » Fri, 23 May 1997 04:00:00

I have been "playing" around with Photoshop for about 3  years now
and consider myself an advanced beginner.  I use it for entertainment
its such a fun program.  

I own and have used a Kensington Thinking mouse, the MS Intelli Mouse,
The logitec marble trackball, the mouseman and even a Tablet.

When I am using the lasso tool I can't seem to keep my hand steady
enough to trace around the area that I want.  For instance, I was
trying to outline the head only of Elvis to place it into another
picture using layers.  I can never get it right.

Also, I noticed that after getting the outline that I want there is a
white outline around the subject where should not be.  What is

I guess that I have two questions.

Any help would be appreciated



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I'm writing a full screen game. there are two threads of execution.
the first is a TTimer that sits on the main TForm and invokes it's
FormPaint method. the other is an inherited class from TThread, who
changes the place of everything on the screen. I am double buffering
and am not getting flickering on the form. But, the mouse pointer
flickers wildly. how do I make it stop, it's driving me of the walls.

the second question is about graphic's speed. As I already said I'm not
getting any flickering on the form, But the graphics it self is running
somewhat slow. When I set the timer to very small intervals (like 1 ms)
at a certain point it doesn't meter anymore and everything runs at the
same, not fast enough speed. what can I do?


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