How can I convert CVP files?

How can I convert CVP files?

Post by John Smit » Thu, 19 Feb 1998 04:00:00


I have some pictures from a digital camera which I want to use.
Unfortunately the files are in Kodak's CVP (Color Video Printer) format.
Is there any tool available to convert these files to a more common
format? I'd prefer some free or cheap software because I will need it
only once.



1. REQUEST: File Format of CVP-Files

I need to convert a color graphics file with the filename extension
".cvp" (my guess is "Canon Video Printer" format) into a format suitable
for popular graphics software like Corel Photopaint or Photoshop.

The file is exactly 768KB of size which implies that it is a pixel
raster file like Color BMP or such.
So far I found nothing useful on either CVP extensions, or Canon video
printer file format specification.

Any help on this topic appreciated, a hint on the picture ratio should
do for starters (say 1024 by 768, or vice versa).

Peer Ivo Kuchenmeister

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