New nasty upgrade pricing policy at Adobe

New nasty upgrade pricing policy at Adobe

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I have the CS4 Production package.  I looked at the
upgrade pricing to CS5.5.  They want 699 for it, but
if I had bought the CS5 version they would ask for

They used to give the full discount for several old
versions.  This makes my policy of skipping a generation
more expensive than it had been.


Andrew Hall
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1. OT: international software pricing (was Re: Disappointed on Upgrade policy)

The old adage is that things are priced the same in the UK as in the US,
except the dollar sign is replaced by a pound sign (1 UK pound is roughly
1.60 US dollars).

OK, there are some extra costs involved if you are shipping boxed
product, that is disks and manuals, internationally, but that is mostly
for delivery charges. You get some companies who are just not prepared
to ship internationally - often down to sheer incompetence in their
support infrastructure, such as throwing your order out because you
don't have a two letter state abbreviation and five digit zip code -
or who won't ship outside their home country to protect their overseas
subsidiaries or distributors. Bitstream, for example, won't accept
orders from outside the US or Canada from their web site
( Having said that, there are internationally aware
companies all over the place. In the spring, I ordered a printer add on (a
duplex unit) for my laser printer from Marketpoint (
in Lexington PA [discontinued model, no longer in stock here]. It took
about two e-mails and a fax, and it came *next day*.

Now, Digital Workshop, the UK distributors, are good people to deal
with. Orders are dealt with promptly, and tech support can answer most
queries rapidly. Being an upgrader, you do get rather better prices
than a new user.

What many companies are failing to realise is that in order to justify
a higher than US price, they need to *add value* whether it's by
providing quick delivery, providing tech support at convenient times
(for example, California is an awkward eight or nine hours behind the
UK, depending on the season) or whatever. I think Digital Workshop do

Just for interest, I've pulled out one of my current software catalogues,
and noted the prices for some popular software products. I'd be interested
to know how they compare to what you pay. All prices in UK Pounds, not
including VAT at 17.5% or delivery.

Microsoft Office 2000 SBE new user      339.00
Microsoft Office 2000 SBE upgrade       149.00
Quark XPress 4                          799.00
ADobe PhotoShop 5.5                     429.00
Macromedia Flash 4                      199.00

That's enough rant for now...

Richard Hunt
Calcaria Software Services, Tadcaster, UK

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