ANNOUNCE: New, unique plugin: SkyPaint 1.0

1. ANNOUNCE: SkyPaint 1.0, background/reflection-map tool

Movie studios have employed background matte painters for years to create
the illusion of rich, detailed scenes without the expense of building a
set or shooting in an exotic location. Wasabi Software's SkyPaint brings
the traditional art of background matte painting to the world of 3D
computer graphics.

Information, examples, and free Windows 95 and Windows NT trialversions of
SkyPaint are available right now at:

SkyPaint is a tool that lets you paint wrap-around, 360-degree background
panoramas for your 3DStudio worlds or scenes. Instead of spending hours
modeling detail on background objects, spend just minutes painting a
convincing backdrop to create a 'virtual set' for your 3DStudio worlds.

"Rough-out" the scene using 3DStudio and simple, stand-in geometries.
Generate a reflection map of the scene and then use SkyPaint to paint in
details that would take hours of work to model.  The result will be a
360-degree immersive experience that is much more compelling than a static
2D rendering. Combined with a freely available Java player, ANYBODY with a
Java-capable web browser can then experience your 3D world.

Have you ever wanted to use a scene generated by Bryce and combine it with
some models you've created in 3DStudio?  SkyPaint can read the 360-degree
panoramas produced by Bryce and convert them into the format required by
3DStudio, so it is easy to put a Bryce-generated world in the background
ouf your 3DStudio scene.

SkyPaint is the first "immersive painting" application, bringing together
2D painting, immersive imaging, and 3D graphics. Using your existing tools
and talents, SkyPaint helps you combine techniques to make you more
productive creating unique and compelling experiences".

Gavin Bell and Rikk Carey
Wasabi Software, Inc.

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