Color gradient...

Color gradient...

Post by Holger Kin » Mon, 13 Aug 2001 18:45:39

Hi all,

I'm looking forward to receiving your help for my problem.

Well, currently I'm trying to create a web gif picture that includes a color
gradient. This picture should be placed on a menubar with a special
background color. But the problem is that this gif picture doesn't only
cover this menubar part, it covers a certain part of the main document, too.
And it's background is another one. So, is it possible to define a
transparent gif, that handles two or more colors?

Thanx 'n best regards Holger


Color gradient...

Post by Mr. J » Tue, 14 Aug 2001 01:09:00

>So, is it possible to define a
>transparent gif, that handles two or more colors?

Two or more transparent colors? No.
Dozens of colors and one transparent color? Yes.

There is no purpose to having more than one transparent color.


Jim Hall


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i am searching a programme that may
plot surfaces with colour gradients
according to acscii input like this:

x       y       z       depth
data    data    data    data


x       y       depth
data    data    data

the depth column should be plotted
as colour-coded. (so, i would like
to have a surface which is 'covered'
by a colour gradient.)
presumably, huge packages as maple
and such could do the job, but, please:
is there something simpler?

many thanks for your hints,
best wishes,

Marcus Gastreich                    Tel.: ++49-228-73-5375
Lehrstuhl f.Theor.Chemie Uni Bonn   Fax.: ++49-228-73-9066

53115 Bonn, Germany       

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