DTP job offerred in Boston, was,looking for D.T.P. job in boston

DTP job offerred in Boston, was,looking for D.T.P. job in boston

Post by Nils C. Ment » Thu, 09 Nov 1995 04:00:00

> I'm in Ohio now, but am looking for a Desktop Publishing/graphics job in
> the Boston area. If anyon knows of one pleaso let me know.

Hi Alexa and to whomever it also may concern,

My company is New England's largest photographic and digital imaging center.
We have Mac, SGI, PC, Sun, and Vax environments, running all typical DTP apps,
outputting to a high resolution film recorder (LVT), Iris Inkjet printer, wide
format Inkjet printer, 54" electrostatic plotter, and a brand new Indigo
direct digital offset printing press. We currently have a position as a
junior designer/imaging technician in our design department. It's fast
paced, chalenging, occasionally stressfull. It's always interesting, never
boring, and it is excellent training for virtually any digital imaging or
prepress position. We work our butts off. We have fun. Full time, beneits,
m-f 9-6. I have over 20 employees over 10 years service, many more about
to make 10. People like it here. We'd offer 23-25k to start, profit sharing
after three months, 1 week vacation after 1 year, 2 weeks after 2 years.
Send me a resume, with references, and give me an idea of your timetable.
I will put you through a quick proficiency test as part of the evaluation
process. If you pass it, and you are qualified, and the crew likes you,
you could be the right person for us. Anyone else interested, ditto.

Nils Menten
Boris Image Group
451 D St.
Boston, MA 02210

617-439-7964 fax


1. Sharp DTP tech needed-Mac based-Boston, MA, USA

Boris Image Group seeks previously experienced DTP professional for
position in our fast paced Digital Imaging Department. Strong PostScript
and image editing experience important, experience in color management and
networking applications helpful but not as important. We offer an
excellent working environment, state of the art equipment, and very
competitive compensation including benefits and profit sharing. People
stay here for a long time. We work hard, we have fun, we get paid well.
Interested candidates may respond by faxing their resume to 617-439=7964,
or email to this address, PDF files work fine. For more information on our
company, please visit our web site at www.borisimage.com


Nils C. Menten          Vox 617-439-3200
Boris Image Group    Fax 617-439-7964
Boston, MA, USA     www.borisimage.com


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