Looking for a toolbar button/icon designer

Looking for a toolbar button/icon designer

Post by ne_on » Sun, 19 Jun 2005 10:05:55

We are a small software development firm in need of a toolbar
button/icon designer for a project that we are currently working on.

The design will be more in line with a classic look that would be
suited to someone that can emulate the style of Adobe products or

If this type of opportunity would appeal to you, please contact us at


1. CUSTOM Office Toolbar Button Icons using VBA

I wanted to be able to make my own Office toolbar buttons on the fly
including a custom icon for it. Since I couldn't find anything like this
already I decided to do it myself.
I'm going to make an add-in that includes a full featured icon editor, that
instead of saving to a file, will insert an array of values into your code
that represents the pixels, and code that will use an array to 'paste' the
pixels onto the button. When I'm done, I'll put it on a web site for
distribution as freeware.
I know how to do most of it and can figure out the rest, but thought it
would be easier to ask.

Here's my plans so far...
Use an existing icon editor and modify it to use 16x16 and output the array.
I want to be able to copy, paste, move, flip, and rotate the entire image or
just a selection. I want to output the array directly into the current
module as a sub that includes the code to paste it.
I want it to have the capability of 256 colors but no more as that should be
sufficient and I want it to be compatible with those people running 256
colors on their machine. There are several icon editors out there that
between them have the features I want. So I'll just do a little mix and
The image is put on the button by building it in memory, copying it to the
Clipboard, and then pasting it onto the button. The first 2 parts are done
using API calls. The last is a built in method.

Here's what I still need help on...
Setting the transparency color in the image.
Where I can find the RGB values for the standard 256 colors. Looking for a
mathematical relationship, not a lookup table.
Rolling all this into an add-in.

The best idea I've come up with so far for storing the pixel values, so as
not to be too bulky, is to put them into 16 rows of 16 elements of an Array
function. i.e. PixelRow1 = Array(34, 151, 0, 0, ...). If anyone has a better
idea, please let me know.

If anyone has any suggestions or code they'd like to share, it be much
appreciated. Any help I use will be mentioned in the credits. Although, I
could probably do this in a full day, it'll probably take a couple of weeks
of fitting in an hour here and there. For any of those that help me out, if
you'd like to also be a guinea pig, I mean beta tester, let me know.

This message is cross posted to several NGs that have to do with Office
development or Windows API, so don't reply as a post unless you feel it's
beneficial to all. Please email me instead. Thanks.


Tom Collins

P.S. Of course, if someone else has already done this, or part of it, please
let me know. I have no desire to reinvent the wheel.

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