MS Internet Explorer

MS Internet Explorer

Post by Lanny Chambe » Tue, 23 Jan 1996 04:00:00

In my ongoing effort to see how bad things look in other browsers, I
downloaded the new Power Mac version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. I
realize it's just a beta, but don't waste your time on this turkey. While
it claims to emulate Netscape 2.0, IE does not support frames at all, nor
plug-ins. It does not even recognize the <nobr> tag, hardly a new concept
in HTML, so many folks' pages will be scrambled. Table support is poor:
you'll get something resembling tables, but they may not look like the
tables you coded. Font support is almost as ugly as WIn Netscape, with
seemingly-random display of sizes and poor leading control. Display of
single-pixel transparent GIFs used for letterspacing is awful, and any
non-plain-vanilla text is either crowded or spaced out across more lines
than intended. On some pages, the entire window repaints as each GIF is
loaded; the prefs controls for this are apparently non-functional. IE
instantly added 1.5 MB to my System heap, for some unknown reason; I did
get most of it back after each crash (I never got the chance to quit
normally). In typical MS fashion, it apparently uses its own internal code
instead of the Mac toolbox to display windows, since WindowShade doesn't
work on its config screens, and the main window's resize button does not
function properly (it's brain-dead, like in Windows). Finally, the program
betrays its Mosaic roots, by crashing every 10 minutes.

On the plus side, the PPC version, at least, is quite fast...sorta like
driving a V-12 Lada. Its sudden, random crashes didn't take the System
with it. And--uniquely for a MS product--it installed no new extensions
without asking!

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1. Conflict w/ MS Internet Explorer

Dear Colleagues;

I'm experiencing some sort of conflict between the Internet Explorer
built into Win95 OSR2.5 and Paint Shop Pro 3, which may not be the most
up-to-date version but which nonetheless suffices for viewing .jpg or .tif
files that someone might send me.  With Win95 OSR1.0, whenever I had a .tif
or .jpg file all I had to do to view it was to click it in Windows Explorer
and Paint Shp Pro would automatically start and open the image.  Now when I
do the same thing IE 4.0 (or 4.5?  I don't remember) opens up, gives me an
error message, and asks whether I want to use IE as my default browser.  
Since my Internet package from Swisscom came with Netscape 4.6, I guess there's
no need either for a second browser or to contribute to Bill Gates' bank account,
so I always answer "no".  But the same thing keeps on happening whenever I
click a .jpg or .tif file.  So now in order to view my images I first have to
open Paint Shp Pro, then open the image I seek to view from within PSP.  Kind
of a pain in the ass, but I can live with it in the absence of being able to
disable/delete that annoying IE browser.

        However, I'd rather disable IE.  Does anyone know how to disable/remove
IE from my system so PSP will be the default image viewer when I click on
a .tif or .jpg file using Windows Explorer?

often access this usegroup.

Thanks in advance to all responders,

S. Shapiro

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