PS 3.05 (Windows) minor quirks

PS 3.05 (Windows) minor quirks

Post by Chuck Andre » Fri, 01 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Having just installed the 3.05 Windows upgrade (which took Adobe over
4 weeks to send me!) on top of 3.04 I've encountered a couple of minor

Before 3.05 will run I get a "This application uses CTL3D32.DLL which
is not the correct version. This version of CTL3D32.DLL is designed
only for Windows NT systems". I Click OK, and it runs fine. I also get
this error message when running Quickview Plus. Seems harmless but is
darned annoying.

I thought this version had full support for the Wacom UltraPen so that
you didn't need the Wacom pressure plug-in any more? But if I take it
out, I lose access to the stylus pressure settings.



1. Windows 95 and PS 3.05

I just found this group a few days ago.  I hope this hasn't been answered
a thousand times already....

I'm contemplating installing Windows 95.  I have a Pentium 75, 16 meg
memory, Diamond Stealth w/2 megs VRAM (PCI), and have the upgrade from
Adobe to ver. 3.05 (amazing, if you buy the software and register, they
send it to you...don't have to ask for serial numbers in news groups!).
What problems can I expect from Photosytler with the above configration?
Any tricks or work-arounds I need to know about?  

Help is appreciated!


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