scanning to fax and e-mail

scanning to fax and e-mail

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All I want is a list (step by step) of how to do this.  ai feel like a
bone head.  I want to scan a document or picture and send it
successfully.  My scanner is a UMAX 1220P, with adobe acrobat, Photo
Deluxe, Presto page manager, and VistaScan 32.  My faxing hardware that
came with the computer:  Megaphone, Fax Talk, Rapid Comm, Net2Fax,
Microsoft fax.  Which is the best fax software to use?  Does the person
recieving have to have exactly the same kind of software? And Do you have
to pay a fax co to send and receive faxes? Should you be ONLINE when you
want to recieve a fax?  How does a document get to JPEG from the scanner?
I know this a tall order, but I just don;t get it. I have read the
vistascan rules over and over. and just played around with it hoping to
stumble on the secret.  I have had the damn thing two years and would love
to use it. I am on a liver transplant list and this would be so helpful
for sending and recieving medical information.  If Y'all could help me,
I'll give ya a big wet kiss right on the face.  Thank you for your
precious time. God Bless

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