Nikon Scanner/Windows 2000 problem

Nikon Scanner/Windows 2000 problem

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Try calling Nikon Tech-Support.  Don't talk to the regular
person that answers the phone, but rather tell them you are
a pro and need to talk with their advanced tech-support
person. (I can't remember his name but he is in the Long
Island office.  The number is 800.645.6689

Bill Hansen


1. Nikon scanner & Windows 2000

I am having trouble getting my Nikon "Super Coolscan 4000 ED" to work with
Windows 2000 Professional. The scanner is connected via Firewire. When
installing the driver for this scanner a warning about the driver software
not having a Microsoft Digital Signature appears just as is shown in the
instruction manuel. The manuel, however gives no indication of what to do if
the software does not work as is the case. It seems that the lake of a
"Microsoft Digital Signature" is keeping the driver from working. The
scanner does however appear in the "Cameras & Scanners" control panel, but
has no properties and cannot be tested.

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