Embroidery ?

Embroidery ?

Post by Guido Kluets » Sat, 19 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I'm looking for a filter, an action or a good tutorial to make an
embroidery out of type.
Any ideas where I will find it?


Guido Kluetsch


Embroidery ?

Post by Guido Kluets » Wed, 23 Feb 2000 04:00:00

> There is a book that has a tutorial for this.  It is called:

> Photoshop Type Magic 2

> You may find a copy in your local library.

Thanks for your tip,
but I don't think that I will find it here in a german library.

Guido Kluetsch


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Can somebody help me?
My mother wants to make some embroideries from pictures of children and
So I'm looking for a way to convert a scanned image, say a photograph, into
an embroidery pattern, which basically is the same image mapped on a raster
made of symbols.

Does anybody have any experience with applications like this? Where can I
find/buy this kind of software?

Thnx in advance!


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