strange ps4 problem

strange ps4 problem

Post by Mac » Thu, 06 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am having soem dificulty with the pcd (aka kodak format) opens
the screen with resolution and preview op when i press ok it says
memory error and it doesnt' open does ne1 know wot the probcould be?
by the way, i own a pentium 100 with 48 megs o' ram and a lot of hdd
to spare


1. Strange PDF behavior w. PS4

PS 4 (Mac) is a wonderful program, but I've come across a quirk that has
me scratching my head...

Saving a sample project (still in RGB mode) from within photoshop as a PDF
file I obtained a file size of 480k.  If I instead print it to a
postscript file, then covert it to PDF using Adobe Distiller, the file
size halves to under 200k.

If I save a CMYK version of the same file as a PDF, the size balloons to
840k. and the colours distort as if saturation and contrast were upped to
the maximum.   Going the postscript-Distiller route, the file aesthetics
are accurate, and the file size is a petite 160k.

I use PDF formatting all the time to send files cross-platform over the
internet.  It would be handy to convert them directly in PS4, but given
the large file sizes and quirk with CMYK files I can't do this.  Does
Adobe or anyone else have any input about this problem?

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