Pixar Siggraph User's Group

Pixar Siggraph User's Group

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At SIGGRAPH '99 in Los Angeles, we will be holding a RenderMan User
Group meeting on Wednesday, August 11 from roughly 6-8pm.  Exact start
time, location, and other details to be announced shortly.

To spruce up the activities, I'm happy to announce the...

      First More-or-Less-Annual "Stupid RenderMan Tricks" Contest

What is it?

  Over the years, we've taught several courses on the theory and
  practice of using RenderMan.  We try to invite users from studios to
  participate, but there's never enough time for us to include everybody

  who has done something cool or has something to teach.  So we intend
  to remedy this by allowing users a forum to teach and share at the
  annual user group meeting.

How do I enter?

  Easy.  First, think of something cool you'd like to talk about.  It
  could be a neat shader trick, a renderer or an extension thereof, a
  clever way to munge RIB files, a tool you've written, hints, tips,
  and war stories from productions, whatever.  In short, anything
  remotely related to RenderMan and its use, which would be interesting
  to TD's and other users of RenderMan renderers.

  Second, you write up a short description (a couple paragraphs is okay)

  as "Stupid RMan Tricks Submission."  Attaching images is fine.  All
  submission materials will be strictly confidential.  Send submissions
  before July 1, 1999.

  An elite team of renderer authors headed by lg will judge the
  submissions, choosing the coolest 5-6 for presentation at the user
  group meeting.  You will be notified of our decision by the second
  week of July.  All decisions by the jury are final!

What happens if the jury likes my submission?

  Chosen presenters get 5 minutes in front of the other users at the
  user group meeting, an overhead projector, a videotape player,
  and an open mike.  Dazzle us, confuse us, make us smart!

  For those materials that you're allowed to distribute (example shader
  code or whatever), I'll also set up a web site on which we can put
  the materials so that others may access them after the meeting.

Are there prizes?


Can I just show my demo reel?

  NO!  It's not enough to just show pretty pictures.  You need to say
  how there were done, ideally with figures, shader code fragments,
  vigorous hand-waving, etc.

Does it really have to be "stupid?"

  No, we want clever.  I was just trying to be funny.  But the jury
  will be biased toward presentations that exhibit a sick and twisted
  sense of what can be done with RenderMan.  Bonus points and special
  preference will be given to proposals that cause jurors to say any
  of the following out loud:

        "I never would have thought of that."
        "Wicked cool!"
        "I've gotta try this out."
        "I didn't know you could do that with my renderer."
        "Are they nuts?  What are they smoking down there in L.A.?"
        "Huh?" [while squinting and*ing head to side]

Enter early.  Enter often.  See you all at SIGGRAPH,

        -- lg

Larry Gritz                                     Pixar Animation Studios


1. RenderMan users's group @ SIGGRAPH '97

Reminder: Pixar will be hosting a "RenderMan User's Group" meeting at
this year's ACM SIGGRAPH conference (Aug 3-8).  Like the
Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) meetings we had the last two years, this will
be a mostly informal gathering for the purposes of meeting people,
matching names and faces, asking embarassing questions of
implementors, and general blabbing about all things related to

        Time:   Wed, 6 Aug 1997, 6pm-

        Place:  Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Feliz Room

Larry Gritz                                     Pixar Animation Studios

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