Setting X to 24-bit colour

Setting X to 24-bit colour

Post by Matthew Woodbridg » Sat, 13 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I'm an IRIX newbie.  How do I set X to display 24-bit colour?  I have an
Indigo2 Extreme.

Thanks in advance,

Matthew Woodbridge


1. Generation of 24-bit colour memory-bitmap with computer running lower colour-depth

Hello Delphi-group

I was wondering if someone could give me some guidelines for handling the
following job in Delphi 3:

I want my program to generate one bitmap containing several thumbnails of
other bitmaps. This final thumb-bitmap should be 24-bit colours, no matter
what colour-depth the computer runs at generation time. The bitmaps to be
thumbnailed are both 24-bit and other depths. What I do today is this:

- B:=TBitmap.Create
- B.PixelFormat:=pf24bit;
- Set B.Width and B.Height to 500 x 480
- Putting in the small thumbnails with B.Canvas.Draw
- Maybe assigning B.Width and/or B.Height smaller values
- B.SaveToFile

I works allright most of the time, but here's my problem: If the computer
runs less than 24-bit colour-depth and I assign smaller values to the
bitmap's width and height the saved image goes crazy. With 'crazy' I mean
wrong (blue-like) colours and image pushed half left or right. If I don't
touch the width/height all seems right OR if the computer runs at 24-bit
depth it's allright to adjust the width/height.

Am I doing this the complete wrong way?


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