Video for P133 & Win95, advice please

Video for P133 & Win95, advice please

Post by Sven Hedm » Tue, 15 Oct 1996 04:00:00

        I have a ASUS P/I-P55TP4N PCI motherboard, with 133 Pentium
and 32mb, with 256cache upgraded to 512.

        The monitor I have is a 5 year old "17" IDEK:Yama" monitor
with Synchronization: Horizontal 30.0 KHz to 57 KHz, Vertical 50 Hz to
90 Hz.  Resolution: D-SUB ANALOG/BNC ANALOG. Horizontal: 1,024dots.
Vertical: 768 lines.  CTR= 17" flat square type, 90 deflection, 0.28mm
dot pitch.  I don't want to pay extra for a board that the monitor
can't handle!

        I want a board that is advanced enough to keep up with the
progress of development for as far in to the future as possible.  I
hardly play any games, but like to have the opportunity to be able to
change my mind in the future when the 3D is taking hold.  Perhaps a
board with a slot where I can ad MPEG later, when the standard is set.
Most of the time I am on the internet and want a card that can give me
as much speed and clarity as possible.  I am also learning programming
and might like to work with graphic programs in the future.

        One concern is:  If the standard for "3D API" is not ending up
to be "Microsoft's Direct 3D API."

1)      What limitation doe's my monitor set on the card?

      I think that one of the most important things when choosing a
card a good driver & with e-mail or 800 no. for as long
as possible.  That means no "Dimond cards" which is too bad but a

2)      I know Hercules has a terrific support, but are the company
going to be around in 5 years time?

3)      Should I wait a little longer to the 3D cards are more

                I would appreciate your opinion to what board is the
best choice for my particular setup.