Illustrator 10 or Freehand 10

Illustrator 10 or Freehand 10

Post by Michel » Fri, 18 Jan 2002 20:20:06

I am looking for a package to update floor plans (images of floors
within buildings showing tenants and vacant units).  I need something
that is going to update the colour when I change the text applied to a
certain "unit".  We have been told that Illustrator does this, however
I wondered if anyone has any information or advice as to which would
be the best.  I will also be using it to create graphics for use with
Dreamweaver documents.



1. freehand 10 vs illustrator 10

I would greatly appreciate any advice from users of Freehand 10 and
Illustrator 10 as to which of these two products they think is better. I
need to buy one of them soon.
Thank you all very much ahead of time.

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