Help: Eikonix 1412 and Sun 4 don't work well together

Help: Eikonix 1412 and Sun 4 don't work well together

Post by Norman Angerhof » Wed, 10 Jan 1990 03:02:06

We purchased an Eikonix 1412 scanner about a year ago and have had
difficulty getting it to work with a Sun 4, with SunOS 4.0 or 4.0.3.
The interface cards tried were National Instruments GPIB-1014-1S, Rev. D2
and Rev. F.  When we try to scan at a clock rate of 6 and a count greater
than about 35-40000, we either get an error -1 (Transmit command syntax
error) or the system gets a "panic - hat unload - pmg not kept" and

Has anyone successfully scanned with an Eikonix 1412 using the longer
counts (exposure times) or higher clock rates on a Sun 4?

Thanks in advance.

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