freehand: wrong colors from postscript fonts

freehand: wrong colors from postscript fonts

Post by Ralf Boh » Sun, 17 Nov 2002 06:48:31

Freehand 9 prints PS 1 Fonts with different colors than TT Fonts or
graphics. System: G4/733 with OS 9.1, ATM 4.5 deLuxe, seen on Epson
740 prints. Does anyone have an idea?

1. Wrong colors from MacDraw to postscript


when I output a color image from MacDraw 1.11 to an HP PaintJet XL300 PS
(a color postscript printer), SOME of the colors come out as shades of grey.
MOST of the colors are OK, a couple seem to be a mixture which looks good on
the screen and prints differently.

I don't know MacDraw very well (my boss doesn't either, but I have to solve
the problem), but there may be some connection between the layers that those
areas are in and the grey printing.

Help, suggestions (even for other software that he can import his diagrams
into and use better) will be very much appreciated.


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