Wanted: WACOM Tablet...Need info for 486 MPC2 System

Wanted: WACOM Tablet...Need info for 486 MPC2 System

Post by ScruffyP » Thu, 31 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I want to draw some characatures and don't enjoy using the mouse.  I need
to know whats the best tablet (cheap, largest, good software support).
has been a name i have been very familiar with even in the 8 bit
years...any others
about?  I think Cannon or Sony made one i was interested in a while

If anyone has THE tablet i should get under $300 (hey, you can get a WORM
for $800 so i dont see a reason why not)  plus good software to draw with
(can i make the tablet pretend its a mouse??) also what technologys do the
tablets use/same/different?
email me if you can!

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