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which graphics format works best insofar as lossless compression, space
requirements and flawless conversion to other formats is concerned? anyone
done an extensive analysis?

Please cc: your response, if possible, so that I don't miss it.
Thanks a lot for your help.


1. Differences between EPS,GIF,JPEG,TIFF,BMP..etc....

The proliferation is due to the many kinds of publishing out there. You
look at the list below, cross out the things that don't apply to you, and
choose from what's left.

For Web pages, JPEG, GIF, and PNG are great, the rest either make files
too big or aren't cross-platform.

For CMYK press, EPS and TIFF are great, JPEG is OK, the rest either don't
store enough colors or don't look good in CMYK.

For photographs, JPEG and PNG are great, TIFF is OK, and the rest don't
store enough colors or compress compactly enough.

For solid colors, GIF, TIFF, and PNG are great. Other can cause splotchiness.

For cross-platform, PICT, BMP and WMF won't easily go across platforms but
the rest are OK.

For really small files, JPEG is great but can degrade the image. TIFF,
BMP, and PNG keep quality but the files are big. GIF just plain sucks
because you can only store 256 colors and if you use transparency you lose
a color. That's why they invented PNG.

For vectors, or mixed vectors and bitmaps, EPS is pretty much it, but PICT
and WMF will do if you're not cross-platform.

if you want to know why all of these things are, you'll have to find out
how image data compression works. Try one of Lynda Weinman's books.

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