Third and final call for vote for

Third and final call for vote for

Post by David Benne » Mon, 30 Sep 1991 18:59:11

This is the third and final Call for Votes for the creation of the newsgroup

Posting began on September 12, 1991 and will continue for 21 days until
October 3, 1991 at midnight EST.

The results of the second week ( through Sept 27, 1991 at 11:30) are posted
alphabetically at the end of this file so you may verify your vote.

If you have not voted yet:

The proposed group is described as follows:






        This newsgroup is a forum for the discussion of AVS (Application
        Visualization System) related subjects.  Other items include how
        to obtain modules, documentation and sample data sets from the
        International AVS Center located at the North Carolina Supercomputing
        Center, how to submit modules for sharing with others, interactive
        communication between users, notice of new developments in AVS
        and a catalyst for creating collaborations between groups
        or individuals working on similar projects.  The newsgroup will serve as
        a forum for information exchange on AVS (the product) including
        standards (as they relate to AVS), discussions on needed features,
        helpful techniques, etc.  The Center will also coordinate AVS User
        Groups, newsletters, catalogs, create an AVS Showroom and provide
        AVS training.  The International AVS Center is supported by the AVS
        Consortium that is made up of CONVEX, DEC, Evans and Sutherland, HP,
        IBM, SET Technologies and Stardent with porting of AVS also coordinated
        with Sun, Cray, FPS, SGI and Wave Tracer. The Center is vendor neutral.

        The International AVS Center will help support the
        newsgroup by reading submissions and offering assistance as needed.

        NCSC is a non-profit organization specializing in networking, mass
        storage, distributed visualization with a focus on AVS and technology
        transfer.  The infrastructure that is in place in North Carolina is
        basically a mini-NREN and as such is an ideal place to test emerging
        technologies.  It is the intention of the International AVS Center
        to take AVS beyond the "scientific visualization" platform that it
        currently supports and add many new services and increase functionality.


        Many names were discussed and it was felt that this newsgroup did
        not fit into any predefined category since it dealt with so many
        AVS specific issues.  The initial AVS user base is over 1,500 people
        and expected to double this year.  It did not fit as comp.sys.avs,
        etc, and after some begging and pleading we could not get
        the support for comp.avs.  The newsgroup will deal with hardware
        issues, software issues, user issues, new developments and information
        exchange.  The name was considered closest to
        focus and would also allow room for the future shaping of AVS.


        Mail your vote to one of the following addresses as appropriate:

        YES votes:
        NO  votes:

        Only votes mailed to the vote-taker addresses listed above will count.
        Proxy votes will not be counted

        Your vote will be processed automatically, and only the destination
        of your vote will be taken into the final accounting.  However, votes
        must be EXPLICIT.  They should take the form of "I vote for the
        group as proposed" or "I vote against the group as proposed".  The wording does not have to be
        exact, it just needs to be unambiguous.  In particular, statements of
        the form " I would vote for this group if ..." should be considered
        comments only and not counted as votes.

        If for some reason, you sent your vote to the wrong address, send
        mail to Correction (  This mail is processed
        manually, so please be explicit about your new vote.  If you do have
        comments about the International AVS Center or this newsgroup, please
        address them to or mail to The International AVS Center,
        P.O. Box 12889, 3021 Cornwallis Road, RTP, NC 27713.


        All votes must be received by 11:59 PM EST ( GMT - 07:00),
        October 3, 1991.  A sorted list of voters will be posted
        each Friday beginning September 20, 1991 so that you may verify
        that your vote has been received.  The full results will be
        posted one day after the deadline of October 3, 1991 along
        with a breakdown of the votes received.  There will then be a
        five day waiting period during which the net will have a chance
        to correct any errors in the voter list or the voting procedure.


        The protocol for creating a newsgroup requires that there be
        100 more YES votes than NO votes, and that at least 2/3 of the
        valid votes be YES votes.


David Bennett, NCSC, RTP, NC 27709
AVS Project Leader
Visualization/Collaboratory Group
phone: (919) 248-1182
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