help: phaser 740; can't connect

help: phaser 740; can't connect

Post by adam budn » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 02:27:28

can anyone help me? I'm trying to connect my Xerox Phaser 740 to my
windows network. It's not showing up at all. The IP address I assigned
is not pingable. I have the gateway set fine (at least I think I do)
the net mask, etc.  When going through the setup instructions from
Xerox windowsXP can't find the printer no matter what I seem to do.
DNS is enabled - by default if TCP/IP is but no DNS servers are
There is nowhere to designate a workgroup name and maybe that's the
I have a Fiery RIP and that's is visible to the network (workgroup
name assigned) but not the phaser....
any suggestions?

thank you


help: phaser 740; can't connect

Post by Roger Willcock » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 08:46:41

Quote:> can anyone help me? I'm trying to connect my Xerox Phaser 740 to my
> windows network. It's not showing up at all. The IP address I assigned
> is not pingable.
> any suggestions?

Concentrate on trying to get ping working. Most likely this is a cabling


> thank you
> Adam



1. Can't print heavy graphics to my 740

B+W G3 300
OS 8.5
Epson 740 using USB

Well, here's the problem:
I'm trying to print a pretty heavy layout from Illustrator 8 onto my Epson
740.  I normally don't have any problems until the files get really complex
with multiple bitmap images and lots of paths.  I know that the 740 is not a
PS printer and my PS enabled B+W laser and RIP to my film imager works just
fine, but the 740 is my only color output.  I've noticed the problem usually
occurs in big complex files that, most importantly, contain images (from
Photoshop) with clipping paths.  I thought the clipping paths were the
culprit but it doesn't seem so (I'll explain below).

When I printed straight from Illustrator (AI) as usual; all I got was the
black plate.  The file was not sent as a separation. It was a composite CMYK
file.  The strange thing is that I converted the file into a press-ready PDF
and got the same thing!  This is even stranger.  I converted the file to a
100% bitmap image and printed from Photoshop.  I got the Cyan plate and the
Black plate.  The Magenta and Yellow never came through.  Again this is not
separations, but a composite printing.  I'm just trying to print a color
proof.  I need to see the complete and final colors of both the vector and
bitmap images together so I can check color consistency.
Incase you were wondering, I can't seem to print the images individually
either.  The clipping paths seems to get messed up.

So, I've tried printing from Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat to very
similar results.  I won't even attempt Quark (I know how muck it hates non
PS printers).

I'm at a loss folks.  Has anyone experienced similar or know of a solution
besides getting a Post Script printer or the ridiculously expensive Stylus

Thanks all

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