Animation Contest 94 *Press Release*

Animation Contest 94 *Press Release*

Post by Jim Quaschni » Thu, 14 Jul 1994 19:16:09

                       Animation Contest 94
                        * Press Release *

       We are accepting submissions for 2-D and 3-D original
animations to be used in a video tape distributed worldwide.  This
tape gives animators from all over the world the opportunity to
advertise their talent and show their work to the rest of the world.
Computer hardware and software will be awarded as prizes to the
winners of this contest.  Prize winners will be determined by a
select board of industry professionals.  The entries will be judged
on: originality, creativity, and use of equipment available.
Submissions DO NOT have to be broadcast quality.  In fact, we
encourage ANYONE with the ability to get their animations to tape,
to enter this contest.  Animations done on ANY computer using ANY
software will be accepted.

       All persons with submissions accepted will have the
opportunity to have their Name, Studio Name, and Phone Number
(if requested) advertised in the credits at the end of the tape,
FREE of charge.  A number will be assigned to each entry and shown
on screen while his/her animation is playing.  This number
corresponds to their name in the credits.  This gives anyone
purchasing this tape the ability to find an animator for
their projects fast and easily, i.e. Advertising Agencies,
Video Productions Companies, etc. as well as other animators
looking for help on projects or to trade ideas.

       The tape will include 100's of entries from all over the
world.  Animations will be categorized into many different Style
and Computer-Type categories and scored to an original soundtrack
for those animations that do not include one.

        * Deadline for contest acceptance is OCT 14, 1994 *

       The Animation Contest 94 Video Tape will be available for
purchase before Christmas time 1994.  It will be available in all
Television Standards i.e. NTSC, PAL, SECAM, etc.

              Retail price will be U.S. $24.95 + S&H
        U.S. $14.95 + S&H for pre-orders before OCT 14, 1994

         Anyone whos animation appears on the finished tape
                will receive a special discount.
For more information and contest rules, send one (1) self-addressed
stamped envelope to:
                          ANIM CONTEST
                           PO BOX 9839
                    Fresno, CA.  93794  U.S.A.

                  or call:

           * BBS: (209) 447-0365  U.S.A.

            (Logon: ANIM   PW: Contest)

           * Voice: (209) 277-1188 U.S.A.

P.S. Please e-mail any questions or suggestions to one of the
addresses above, not to where you are reading this.  This message
is being posted in many areas and chances are we will never get your
message unless it goes to one of these locations.