Mars Pathfinder Panorama prints!

Mars Pathfinder Panorama prints!

Post by TimeFrame, Inc » Sat, 12 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Mars PathFinder Panoramas (Black & White or Color)
11"x 66" - $29.95! (includes U.S. Mail shipping)
VISA or MasterCard orders at 1-888-562-3822
For more info --


1. VRML model of Mars Pathfinder landing site

On the Nasa webpages you can view a VRML model of Pathfinder landing site
(Sagan Memorial Station).

My question is: Does anybody know what algorithm NASA used to convert their
stereo images to a 3D model?

Could somebody explain how this is done? How do you find corresponding
pixels in left and right images?

Any links/tips/algorithms that can help answer my questions would be

Thanks in advance.

John Reidar

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